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Angkor Wat Ticket Price

The current entrance fees for a visit to the Angkor Park 


Ticket Old Price New Price     
1 Day 20 $ 37 $
3 Days 40 $ 62 $
7 Days 60 $ 72 $


The prices apply only to foreign visitors. There is no discount for students, but for children younger than 12 is free (with showing their passport). For Cambodians, a visit to the Angkor temples is still free, which is very good!


Important: You can only purchase Angkor tickets with cash. If you do not have cash, you can get the money you need at the ATM. But (and this will save you valuable time), the crowds at the ticket counters are huge, especially in the morning when everyone wants to go to the sunrise at Angkor Wat.


Period of validity for Angkor Passes


Practical: With a 3 or 7-day pass, the viewing days do not have to immediately follow on from each other.


  • 1 Day: This ticket is valid only on the day of purchase.
  • 3 Days: This ticket is valid for 10 days from the date of purchase. You can choose which three days you wish to visit the Angkor temples on.
  • 7 Days: This ticket is valid for one calendar month from the date of purchase. You have a whole month in which to visit the Angkor temples on the seven days of your choice.
Tip: Buy your ticket in the evening after 5pm. From this time, onwards your ticket will be valid for the next day. On the same evening, you can also watch the sunset at Angkor Park for free. Phnom Bakheng, however, you will probably not manage, as it is very crowded there. But you can watch the sunset at the Srah Srang Lake, where it will be much more tranquil.


Opening Hours for the Angkor Park and Angkor Ticket Office

  • Angkor Ticket Center (Angkor Enterprise): Daily from 5.00am until 5.30pm
  • Angkor Wat and Srah Srang: Daily from 5.00am until 5.30pm.
  • Phnom Bakheng and Pre Rup: Daily from 5.00am until 7pm.
  • All other Temples: Daily from 7.30am until 5.30pm. (Except for Phnom Kulen and Beng Mealea. you will need to buy an extra ticket to visit these.)
Tip: Visit the main temple in the center of Angkor Wat at noon after you have looked at other temples. For one thing, the ascent to the main temple of Angkor Wat is open only from 9.30 am and for another it is jam-packed there in the mornings.


You can get an Angkor-Pass here


You can get your ticket to Angkor Park at Angkor Enterprise. This is the new institution for ticket sales of Angkor Passes. The address is: Street 60, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia. But do not worry: every Tuk-Tuk driver knows exactly where the tickets are sold. And all Tuk-Tuk drivers are keen to get a day trip to the Angkor temple, because they earn good money for their journey.


More information about your Angkor-Pass


  • Important: Make sure that your shoulders and knees are covered when purchasing the ticket. Otherwise, you may not get one.
  • The one-day ticket counters are located on the right-hand side of the Angkor Ticket Center. This is also where you will find the largest number of people.
  • The counters for the 3-day tickets are in the middle and those for the 7-day tickets are on the left.
  • A photo of you will be taken at the counter. Recently, Staff have taken to asking people to smile for their photos
  • The Angkor pass is not transferable to another person.
  • Very important: Be careful not to lose your Angkor Pass whilst you are on the Angkor site. The penalties are severe. If you lose a 1-day ticket, the penalty is $ 100. The loss of a 3-day ticket will cost you $ 200, and a 7-day ticket will cost you $ 300. 
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